Friday, June 13, 2008

August morning

the sun begins sensibly
warm blotches
on the sides of houses, then

the sun with its forces
swarming over the hill


farmlady said...

You should have been here this morning. We skipped June and July and went straight to August...., and then a fire up the river burned out the electricity and we were without air-conditioning for about 4 hours. You're poem is true. THe sun does "swarm".

castlewon said...

Those fires! Scary.
Yes, Dunsmuir taught me about sun.
(Here we had a day or two of August, but then the grande dame fog swooped in to save us.)

farmlady said...

I think when I'm old( well,older) I'm going to come back to the bay area. I want fog already! I'll live with my son and wear sweaters every day. Haaa!!