Friday, July 18, 2008

more words about the Calatrava bridge in Redding

There is no reason to cross the river but for the bridge

I want to emphasize
how much the bridge cares about you, personally
The bridge has eyes for no one but you

Even now I am yearning for the bridge

(“the capacity of things to be close to us”)


farmlady said...

Merita, Do you write these poems in another language first? Because sometimes they just go right over my head, like this one. Sorry.
I've read it over and over. Maybe I'm tired. I'll read again tomarrow.

castlewon said...

It's not often a bridge makes you feel something. It's an amazing bridge and Calatrava an amazing architect. Oakland could have had a cathedral by him, and settled for something far, far less

farmlady said...

Thank you. I thought maybe you weren't even talking about a bridge. It seemed so personal. What does Oakland have to do with abridge in Redding? I so confused. Must be old age.

castlewon said...

Thanks for asking. No, I used to live by Mt. Shasta and Redding was the nearest city for shopping etc. so we went there a lot. It hired a world-renowned architect to build a footbridge to cross the Sacramento River at great cost. A lot of people thought that was wasteful, to say the least. But I walked across it and these are my impressions.