Thursday, May 29, 2008

crow and raven notes

the tips of their wings
a little curl

sunlight with its long train
is shining on a glistening wet surface
young crow on asphalt, begging
following another
swinging its black tuxedo from side to side
crows to juvenile, a too-persistent child
still demanding to be fed
you can’t stay here
it’s a pair bond, not a benevolent society
cries building to this black confrontation,
feather-flap through branches and down into the grass
they are harassing their parents, begging raucously with open beaks

edge of the parking lot, in the puddle
one parent continues to fulfill his duty, wading in the water, showing them
here’s food

again I find myself asking the question
though I already know the answer
suppose one of theirs
won’t learn

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