Tuesday, May 27, 2008

dreams, fears

alone in the house
while mother went dancing
night pushing black
against the midnight panes
fear looked in the window
with goat’s beard and long horns

stretch marks in the air--descending wires
a witch alighting in the trees
a force you cannot fight, or save yourself

cracks one day, shouts
deep in the leafy woods
sweating men and whipped horses
dragging tree trunks past the house
in heavy chains--gashed earth
the creek ran in mud

I dreamed my life was over
when giant logs turned, rolled over on the house

hauled not by horses, but enormous oxen
spike-horned, swaying in tandem

I followed them later, another dream
to revisit such a fear
but found them grazing in mellow sunshine
flowers dangling from their lips


farmlady said...

Very powerful..., and scary.

castlewon said...

Just want you to know, I appreciate your comments!

farmlady said...

Your poetry is deep and meaningful. I don't always understand, but I try to respond with a "gut" reaction. I find most of them facinating. Thanks,I too appreciate your comments.