Wednesday, May 14, 2008

generation gap

in children stories, I could never
look the devils in the eye
but noted where they were
and turned two pages at once

my daughter keeps hers
on a shelf by her bed
so she can say
goodnight and good morning


farmlady said...

You have a daughter!! I,somehow, pictured sons.

castlewon said...

one of each!
Thinking of you today. Hope you got your a/c in fine working order--it's boiling hot even here.
Went to Half Moon Bay today, drove back through Pacifica. Oh, that's where it is!

farmlady said...

Yes, I have A.C. Wouldn't live up hear without it. Actually, I wouldn't live just about anywhere without it.
You guys are in the furnace zone too this weekend. I heard that the City was 100 degrees yesterday. Wow! I can remember that kind of heat long ago but it never lasted. Here, it settles in for months.
Why?...., why do I do this? Because I love it here, otherwise...., and there's always my sister's place in PACIFICA. Ya!